Riley // Third And Fourth Month At School

4 months at school…WOW…where has the time gone? The weeks seem to be flying now and i can hardly believe that Riley has completed his first full term at school.

He continues to love everything about school, not that i’m surprised. He’s naturally very inquisitive and loves to discover more about the world around him so the classroom is the perfect learning environment for him. He has a really lovely teacher who is patient with him and sensitive to his needs and i’m sure that is what’s making such a big difference.

I had my first parents evening with his teacher in December which went brilliantly and i am SO proud of how well he is doing. He has learnt to write his name completely by himself, is picking up phonics really quickly, is an expert in shapes and has a wide vocabulary beyond his years. It was all really positive, although she did tell me that he is a bit of a chatterbox and gets over-excited at times, so they’re working on harvesting that energy and putting it to better use.

He is very sociable in the classroom and the playground and has many friends. We actually had a birthday party for him in November and invited everyone from his class so it was lovely to see him playing and interacting with them all outside of the school environment.

The focus at school for the last two months has been on “People Who Help Us” and Christmas. Riley has really enjoyed both of these topics and loved receiving visits at school this term from a firefighter and policewoman.

Here’s a little overview of his third and fourth month at school:

  • He has been learning about the role of a postman
  • His teacher talked to the class about letters and how they are written and posted
  • His class had to write letters and then walk to the post office to buy stamps and pop them in a letterbox
  • He has been looking at Kung Fu Punctuation starting with capital letters
  • In computing, he has been using the 2Simple programme
  • He had a visit from a firefighter. She told him about her job and answered lots of his questions
  • He has been learning how to blend letter sounds to form words
  • He has been reading a new book every day as part of the school’s new REDTED (read every day talk every day) reward scheme. Every time the children read a book from the REDTED library, they get a stamp on their card and once they get so many stamps they get a reward.
  • He has been rehearsing for the EYFS/KS1 Christmas play
  • He has been learning to recognise and write numbers 10-20

Unfortunately, Riley was struck down with chicken pox the last week of term, so he missed out on performing in the EYFS/KS1 Christmas play, the school Christmas dinner and one of his friend’s birthday parties but we did manage to get him well enough in time to go in for his class Christmas party on the last day of term…so that’s something!

Here’s hoping to an even better Spring Term!


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