Choosing The Right Lightbulb For You

In the tech they used to do their job, lightbulbs are varied on how powerful they are, how much of a room they light up, and how much energy they’ve utilised. You can even select the colour of the light that you want to be displayed. Here are some things you need to know when choosing a brand-new set of light bulbs for your home, as well as what to do to pick the bulb best suited to your needs. The decision could save you a lot of money on your utilities, according to

Light Bulb

1// The Correct Wattage is Important

Whenever you buy a light fixture for your home, make sure you ask about the wattage of the fixture. This choice will determine the bulb you buy. Bulbs that have a higher wattage than the fixture will produce more heat during operation than the fixture can handle. This could result in a danger of a fire breaking out or the unit itself breaking. Forget about the light, and focus on the importance of the amount of energy produced and used from a wattage when buying a new bulb.

2// Check the Efficiency of the Bulb

The FTC in the USA is asking all bulb makers to use new methods of labelling their products. They need to change their packaging to match the efficiency you are looking for, whether they use incandescent bulbs, fluorescent, or even LED bulbs. This change was implemented across in the country in 2011. On the label, check if you can see a rating in lumens. This shows the brightness of the bulb. In the past, the number of wattages used in the bulbs have changed.

3// Basics of Incandescent Bulbs

These were the original bulbs, descended from Edison’s first invention. Producing light using a current passed through a glowing filament, these are the most popular type of bulb in the average home. They are very cheap to purchase and are high energy consumers. Today, many people are choosing to replace them with options that are a little more efficient. Ranging in power consumption from 15W to 150W, most of these bulbs produce a soft yellow light or a stark white colour. They are ideal for lighting purposes where more brightness and depth are needed.

A type of incandescent bulb that is typically available everywhere is the General Service Bulb, which you see in hardware and electric supply stores around the country. There are other types of the reflectorized bulb, which has a coating to make the light only shine in one direction when turned on. There are also parabolic reflector bulbs which allow for dimmer, controlled light that is suitable for track lighting and niche lighting.

4// LED and Fluorescent Lights

The other types of lightbulbs are fluorescent and LED bulbs, although there are many sub-branches. Incandescent bulbs are slowly being phased out of the industry as time goes by and newer, better technologies for lighting emerge. However, this lightbulb remains one of the most popular today. If you actually want to save money and don’t mind a larger capital investment, try purchasing LED lightbulbs instead.


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