Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunt

Easter is one of my favourite holidays. Aside from the meaning behind it, Easter to me, is also about spending quality time with loved ones, having fun and overindulging in chocolate. Because let’s be honest, enjoying Easter eggs is an essential part of the weekend and it just isn’t Easter without a helping of Cadbury chocolate.

Cadbury’s Easter 2017 collection features six new exciting products including my personal favourite, the Popping Candy Bunny which is just a party in your mouth, as well as the Egg N Spoon Oreo, Minis Mix, Double Decker Large Shell Egg, Roses Thoughtful Gesture Large Shell Egg and Mini Eggs Egg Hunt Treatsize Pack. With something for everyone, a Cadbury Easter treat is the perfect gift for friends and family to enjoy.

In a recent study conducted by Cadbury on the Easter habits of UK families, they discovered that children want to do more exciting activities around Easter, but that parents are often lacking inspiration for things to do. The survey also revealed the activities that UK families voted as essential when celebrating Easter, with some classics appearing in the top five such as taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt (33%) and giving and receiving Easter chocolate (47%).

So with that in mind, in addition to concocting some delicious new recipes, this year, the Cadbury Easter Bunny is also inviting families to come together and take part in some egg-citing and egg-stra special egghunts across the country. Cadbury has teamed up with the National Trust to offer families the ultimate day out with more than 300 Cadbury Easter Egg hunts being held at various sites across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in the lead-up to, and during, the Easter bank holiday weekend. Find an egg hunt near you here.

Ahead of his Easter mission, the Cadbury Easter Bunny stopped by the Bournville factory in Birmingham to fill up his basket with lots of egg-citing Easter treats ready to deliver to the nation.

Cadbury Easter Bunny Bournville Factory

And just in time to, because Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunt is now on! Designed to celebrate the Easter season and spread joy to families, the egg hunts bring egg-citement and surprise for the whole family and prepare them to have the best Easter weekend ever, in such a way that only Cadbury can do.

If you are unable to attend one of the events near you, then why not organise your own egg hunt at home? It’s a really fun, inexpensive and enjoyable activity for the whole family to enjoy and Cadbury actually has a Hunt Pack – bursting with ideas, tips and clues – that you can download for free from their website.

Your Easter egg hunt can be as long or short, as challenging or as easy as you like, but you’ll find lots of fun-filled and easy ideas within the Hunt Pack on how to create an egg hunt for your family. There’s also helpful things to print out such as signage, clue suggestions and even bunny footprints to help children along the way.

Cadbury Egg HuntCadbury Egg HuntI used the Hunt Pack myself to create an Easter Egg Hunt at home for the boys and it was brilliant fun. I opted for the tricky-ish hunt which incorporated picture clues to show where eggs were hidden as I knew the word clues would be too advanced for Riley and Harry.

You can either draw simple pictures of where the eggs are hidden yourself or if, like me, you are not blessed in the artistic department, then you can use the pre-made clues that Cadbury have already drawn for you – they’re at the back of the Hunt Pack and just need printing off and cutting out.Cadbury Egg Hunt

Then all that’s left to do is to get hiding – and Cadbury has got your back here! They have an egg-stensive range of chocolate treats that are perfect for an Easter egg hunt at home, including the Cadbury Egg Hunt Pack and the Cadbury Mini Eggs Egg Hunt Treatsize Pack.

Another great option is the Cadbury Egg N Spoon Oreo, which is what we used for our hunt. I emptied the eggs from the egg boxes and hid them in places around the garden, that correlated to the picture clues – a flower pot, a tree, a plant pot, a bucket, a pair of wellies!

Cadbury Egg Hunt Cadbury Egg Hunt Cadbury Egg Hunt

TIP: If you don’t have an egg basket/bag for children to place collected eggs into, then the egg box that comes with the Cadbury Egg N Spoon Oreo makes an excellent substitute!

I also used some of the “Easter Eggs This Way” signage from the Hunt pack and some purple balloons to point them in the right direction of eggs.

Cadbury Egg Hunt Cadbury Egg Hunt

TIP: If you are creating an egg hunt for babies and toddlers, then why not try simply scattering eggs around the garden and tying balloons to them to make them easy to find.

Our egg hunt took no longer than 15 minutes but it was so much fun and the boys both thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Riley really liked using the picture clues to find the eggs, whereas Harry quickly clocked on to the fact that the eggs were located near to the balloons so he preferred to follow them instead. It’s all about finding activities and ideas that suit the age of your children I think.

Cadbury Egg Hunt Cadbury Egg Hunt Cadbury Egg Hunt

If you are looking for an alternative and more challenging egg hunt for older children and adults, then why not try something like a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt at night and put glow sticks inside plastic eggs along with some Cadbury Mini Eggs or Cadburys Mini Mix? It will be glowingly good!

Whatever your plans are this Easter, you can trust Cadbury to satisfy any chocolate needs and keep the whole family entertained. To find out more about their Easter 2017 range or the Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunt visit or visit @CadburyUK on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

To coincide with the Great British Egg Hunt, here are some fun facts from Cadbury on the Easter season:

  1. 255,000 Cadbury Easter Eggs are made at the Bournville factory every day
  2. That is 10,625 Cadbury Easter Eggs made per hour… and 177 per minute!
  3. If you stacked every Cadbury Easter Egg made at Bournville every day on top of each other you’d have a tower of Cadbury Eggs as high as 98 Eiffel Towers’, 76 Empire State Building’s, 305 Big Ben’s, or 11,590 Sultan Kosen’s – the tallest man in the world!
  4. Over 83 million* Easter Eggs are sold in the UK over the Easter season, with the Cadbury Creme Egg 138g Easter Egg being the most popular variant
  5. The first Cadbury Easter egg hatched onto the production line back in 1875. These Cadbury Easter eggs were made of dark chocolate with a plain smooth surface and filled with dragées, sugar coated chocolate drops. The earliest decorated eggs were plain Easters enhanced by chocolate piping and marzipan flowers, a far cry from the exciting varieties now available on shelves!
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cadbury UK


    • 13 April, 2017 / 8:54 pm

      I think i love Cadbury a little too much…my waistline is already feeling the side effects of consuming too many eggs! lol xx

  1. 13 April, 2017 / 5:43 pm

    I love the idea of tying balloons too the eggs. We have a field behind our house and that would perfectly for a hunt out there.

    • 13 April, 2017 / 8:53 pm

      It’s such a fun alternative to a traditional egg hunt isn’t it? Plus, who doesn’t love balloons?! xx

  2. 13 April, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    yum, those eggs are amazing! I’ve just finished prepping for an easter egg hunt with all of the cousins in the morning, hadn’t thought to do signs so might have to make some 🙂
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  3. 13 April, 2017 / 11:00 pm

    Ahh I wasn’t planning an easter egg hunt but this has made me want to try, blimming love mini eggs too!

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