Decorating A Bright And Bold Nursery

Putting your ideas into reality can be an intimidating thought, especially if you’re not as confident when it comes to interiors and decorating. Colours are one of the hardest things to get your head around, especially when working with bright, bold colours that are going to make a statement as well as create the perfect atmosphere within that room. When it comes to designing your baby’s nursery, you’re suddenly lumbered with the additional stress of making sure the room is perfect and going to have a positive effect on your child. It’s a lot to consider all at once, but with the following décor tips and ideas, you’ll be able to concentrate on making your little one’s nursery a beautiful place for them to play, sleep and so on.

What You’re Working With

It’s the same when decorating any room, you need to take a step back and concentrate on the space you have available to work with. The way you choose to decorate and furnish the room will be dependent on the layout, shape and also brightness of the room, so take note of key elements that stand out to you for your planning process. For example, when it comes to introducing bright, bold colours into a room, you need to ensure you have the right balance. For smaller rooms, you’ll find that it works better having one bright colour for the walls, with additional colours introduced later on. For larger rooms, you can look at creating a feature wall with a selection of bright colours that will add a stunning focal point to the room. The difference being that smaller rooms are easily cramped and overwhelmed, whereas larger rooms offer more space to experiment and play around with additional areas of colour.

Bright and Bold Colours

Selecting the colour for your child’s nursery can be quite a challenge, but the main thing to focus on is creating a space that is fun, interesting but also comfortable and relaxing. Different colours have different effects on people and with this in mind, there are a few colours that work really well for this interior style, with others that are best to be avoided. You want to select a colour scheme that stimulates positive emotions, as well as creating a soothing atmosphere for when your little one is resting. Colours such as blue and orange, blue and green and pink and grey are perfect for this. Whilst the colours are all bright, you still have the gentle tones that will adapt to the atmosphere when the lighting is introduced. Avoid mixing colours such as yellow and orange, green and yellow and often pink and green together, as these colour combinations will create a room that feels busy and unsettled.

Fun with Fabrics

There are so many fun ways to add colour to a room without relying on paint alone, such as introducing bold fabrics. A nursery needs to be warm and welcoming, and introducing soft fabrics to the décor is ideal for enhancing this feel. This stage is the stage that you can have some fun with, introducing bright colours through features such as the cot bedding, curtains, rugs and so on. The great thing about these items is that you can switch them around whenever you wish, especially if you decide you want to have a slightly different colour scheme later down the line. Have some fun with your fabrics and select some pieces with bold designs and unique patterns, as this will add character to the room and also give it more of a personal touch.

The Bold Touches

Just like any room, the nursery needs a focal point. The moment you walk into a room your eyes are instantly drawn to one area of the room that stands out. For nurseries, you often find that the cot is the focal point within the room, just like the bed is in the bedroom. Select some light oak furniture and compliment it with some bright details such as a snazzy mobile or some extra cushions to pad the cots sides. You could also look at introducing other bold features such as a rocking chair, perfect for rocking your little one to sleep after a good book, or even a large teddy bear to sit proudly in the corner to add a personal, welcoming touch to the room.


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