Juggling The Mum Life – How To Live A Stress Free Life

One in every three families in the U.K. has both parents working full time. Their time away from the office and spent with their families is precious. There is a struggle in juggling all the responsibilities of employment with parenthood.

Let us share with you a few tips that successful mums have discovered.

  • You do not have to be your mother

Many young parents wonder if they are doing the right thing by working outside the home. It was not too many generations back that mothers never worked outside of the home. But we are a whole new generation. We know there is a balance between family and career, and to make them both work, one may have to make their own rules. Working, raising children, and social demands take up a lot of time. Give yourself permission to have some dust on the table. Learn to laugh when you burn the biscuits. Don’t beat yourself up, just understand that one day your little one will be off and these days are precious.

  • Celebrate simplicity

Sometimes we feel guilty because we hold a job away from our children. We compensate this by having huge celebrations for holidays, birthdays, and social events. Instead of opting for a huge dessert bar at your event, consider a candy buffet.

Candy buffets are easy to make and they are full of colour and flavour. They replace pastry dishes. Each guest gets to select his favourites and take a few home in their complimentary goodie bags. Your guests enjoy the fun of a candy buffet and experience their favourite flavours.

You need an online candy vendor to acquire the candy in the colour and flavour to help your event. Try a vendor like Sweet Services to help you pull it all together.

  • Give your body what it needs

We are pulled in every direction. We rush from place to place taking care of all of our responsibilities and often we forget to take care of ourselves. We eat on the run, neglect our sleep and grab energy drinks to get us going and sedatives to slow us down, This cycle, if not broken, will eventually break us.

Society has begun to understand the terrible effects this has on our bodies. We lack focus and drive. The unending stream of chemicals being poured into our bodies make us feel as if we are walking in a fog. Busy mums are saying no to these, easy-to-get substances and opting instead for all natural supplements. Industry leaders such as Corpina are cutting edge in the field of all natural supplements that all us to maintain even energy throughout the day and to naturally quiet the mind and enhance sleep at night. Their line addresses all of the issues common to parents in our busy world.

By taking care of our bodies and getting back to our peak performance level, and simplifying our lives and creating our own “normal” we can enjoy the best of both worlds. A healthy mummy is a happy mummy.

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