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You hear in the news all the time about how children’s obsession with TV and tablets is causing development delays and hindering their education. How having too much ‘screen time’ causes children to become overweight and aggressive.

I understand the argument, children should be playing – with other kids, with wooden toys, with musical instruments, within the great outdoors – instead of staring at screens.

I’m good with all of that. And yet, at the same time, I’m not ashamed to admit that Riley and Harry have both actually learned quite a bit from watching their iPads…not EVERYTHING…but a lot and I value both the educational and entertaining benefits of it.

Findings show that entertainment can actually be a useful tool for children to learn about emotional well-being, and as a parent, I think it’s important for the boys to be exposed to stories and characters that establish positive values like empathy, patience and respect.

With Netflix, I know that the boys are being entertained while learning valuable life lessons. The values found in Netflix spread far and wide and they’ve put together this handy guide so that parents can get to know their child’s favourite shows and the best qualities they can take away from each one.

Watch And Learn Netflix

In addition to the shows above that help with instilling positive emotional values, let me also share some of the new shows coming to Netflix this month.

  • SPIRIT: RIDING FREE (Available now)
  • ALL HAIL KING JULIEN: EXILED (Coming on 12th May)
  • CHICKEN RUN (Available now)
  • JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH (Coming on 31st May)

Netflix New For May

Disclaimer: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam i will be sharing regular posts relating to Netflix and will receive products/services as part of my role, however, all thoughts are entirely my own.

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