5 Ways To Make Your Holiday Money Go Further

Perhaps I am a bit of a pessimist, but once the summer days start getting shorter, it can sometimes feel as though the countdown to winter is on. I almost have to pinch myself to get a reminder that it is still only July, and the holidays have barely begun. It also helps that we seem to be having the most fantastic of summers so far!

Speaking of which, are you still due your hollibobs? Travelling abroad? I’ve spoken to a lot of friends who’ve opted to staycation this year, given the fall in the pound, and the ongoing scandal that is the price hikes during school holidays of flights and accommodation. However, if you’re going to Europe or elsewhere for a summer break, here are some pointers to help you make some easy savings, and for your holiday money to go further…

  1. Be open-minded to your destination of choice

If you haven’t yet booked your trip, you can make huge savings by playing the ‘last minute’ market. Provided you’re willing to be flexible about where you want to go, and, better yet, when, then you’ll be amazed at some of the deals that crop up for package holidays at the 11th hour. After all, tour operators and travel agents have seats and beds to fill. You can exploit this if you play your cards right.

  1. Take your own food on the plane

It may seem like small gains, but if you’re a family, it all adds up. Yes, you aren’t allowed to bring bottles of liquid which exceed 100ml onto the plane. But there is nothing stopping you bringing your own food through the security gates. So pack a feast, and avoid paying over the odds to feed your travelling party.

  1. The best way to exchange your money

It’s all in the name… Revolut. This innovative new foreign exchange start-up allows you to transfer your pounds to the app with the push of a button, and then spend your money with a Revolut card at the perfect rate in any currency. And there are no fees! It’s that simple. And that cheap! What’s more, they also offer low-cost personal loans which pay out instantly, just in case you need a bit extra to fund your holiday.

  1. Split the bill

If you’re going away with other friends or families, often one of the most awkward issues of all can be that of money, splitting bills, and paying for little costs along the way. He had three courses while I only had two! Her wine was very expensive! We’ve all been there, and it can cause a grudge when you should be relaxed and happy. That’s why I’d suggest apps like Cospender,  which enable you to quickly split bills with friends, keep track of all costs, and even settle any financial differences within the app itself at the end of the trip.

  1. The Easyjet Flexifare trick

We mentioned above how prices go through the roof during school holidays for plane tickets. But one way to get around this is the flexifare option with Easyjet, whereby you book a changeable ticket outside of the school holidays, and then switch it for one that suits your dates. Of course, you will pay a premium for the privilege of a flexible ticket, so it may not always work out cheaper. But more often than not, the savings can be substantial. And when you’re a family that’s travelling, all these gains can really add up!


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