How To Create A Country Kitchen

A true country kitchen is the heart of the home –  a cosy, functional and inviting space where guests instantly feel relaxed and welcome. You don’t need to live in a rural area or overload the kitchen space with kitschy accessories to adopt this trendy style either. By following a few simple steps and adding some select details, you can set the right tone and create the perfect ambience in your country kitchen.

country kitchen


When considering design aspects and layout options for your space, one of the key things to focus on is functionality. Even a rustic country style kitchen needs to be a working kitchen and there should be plenty of surface area available for food preparation and cooking.


Country style kitchens predominantly feature a range of furniture and accessories made from natural materials such as wood, cane, straw and wicker. Where possible, install an AGA or range cooker, a large farmhouse sink, create extra shelving space near the ceiling and look into butcher block counter tops. If you’re on a tight budget however, then HC Supplies laminate worktops are a suitable alternative and there’s a whole world of choice from granite through to the lightest pale beech and rich walnut wood.


A country kitchen should be light, bright and airy so pay particular attention to the windows. Avoid curtains made from shiny fabrics like silk or satin and opt for calico, plaid, floral gingham or lace instead. Place a box of herbs or a vase of freshly picked flowers in the windowsill to bring an element of nature into the kitchen.


Traditionally, country homes have a pantry for dry and canned goods. If your house doesn’t have one, create a mini pantry in your kitchen by filling glass jars and tin canisters with baking ingredients, pasta, rice, fresh preserves, freeze dried food and spices, which in turn will evoke the nostalgic feel of country cooking. Also, consider lining counter tops with wooden bowls of fruit, tomatoes, onions and herbs for a realistic and decorative touch.


Keeping your adornments simple can help create the cosiness and rustic charm of a country kitchen but if you want to go all out then consider hanging antique farming tools, wooden signs or colourful plates on the wall to give an eclectic feel. Display cookbooks, wooden bowls, old-fashioned cake tins, hand-embroidered teatowels, butter churns and wicker baskets throughout the kitchen and place an embroidered table cloth or runner on the table. Pick some wild flowers to display in old medicine bottles or mason jars and hang bouquets of dried flowers on the wall.


Country style kitchens often display beautiful collections of dishes, pottery, earthenware or glassware in fancy display cabinets or dressers. Blue and white collections are especially popular as are pewter and copper but don’t worry if your pieces are mismatched or chipped as the imperfections will add to the appeal. Pay a visit to your local charity shop or boot fair to pick up some real gems at bargain prices.


Keep the main colour scheme soft and neutral but add accents of deeper colours for added warmth and appeal. Shades such as lemon yellow, cherry red, sage green and shaker blue are always very popular. Stick to pale neutral colours on the walls though as it will keep the room light and airy and make it look more spacious.

Do you have any tips on how to create a country kitchen?


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