How To Plan Your Family Ski Holiday

Planning a family skiing holiday for the first time can be a difficult undertaking. There is so much to consider, especially if you have kids of different ages. In this blog post, we’re going to be going through some of the different things you need to consider (even if they may seem quite obvious!).

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Booking your chalet or resort

First things first, book your chalet or resort! Straight away, this can throw up a lot of questions; where do I go? Chalet or hotel? Will there be enough snow?

Let’s look at these one by one:

Where do I go?

The three most popular countries to ski in are the US, France and Austria. But for a family on a smaller budget, the US can be an extremely expensive option. So france or Austria are usually the easiest option, as travel is cheaper and doesn’t take as long, meaning less time for your kids having to stay still!

Chalet or hotel?

Depending on where you book your ski holiday, they will either have chalets or hotels, or potentially both. Hotels can often be a cheaper option, and fully serviced. But chalets can make you feel more at home while on holiday, and will provide more room for your family.

Will there be enough snow?

This is something you just can’t plan for. You can be somewhat assured if you go in skiing in the winter months. But with recent winters having been quite light in terms of snow, it’s never guaranteed that you’ll get a lot of snow. You should always check snow forecast websites to see what the current conditions are in the area you’re traveling tp.

Organise travel to and from the airport

This step is very important! You don’t want to arrive at a new and strange airport and have no idea how to get to your chalet. So instead of wandering about in a confused haze, why not book your travel to and from the airport before you leave.

Most airports have shuttle services or taxis which can be booked in advance. All you need to do is book online or over the phone, and ensure that they know exactly where you need to be dropped off and when. This means that you can float off the plane and into a taxi, free from the stress of trying to navigate your way to the chalet.  

Research where to hire kit

If possible, you should always try to book your kit in advance to ensure that you don’t miss out. Most ski resorts will have a partner company or their own kit to hire out. They will have a range of sizes and clothes, and will usually have kid clothes if they’re a child friendly ski provider.

Book ski lessons for you and your kids

If you haven’t been skiing before, it’s imperative that you book some skiing lessons. This can ease you into the whole experience, and set you up with the basic skills necessary to have fun, but to also be safe. There are also classes that are specially catered for kids, getting them excited for the activity, but also to make sure that they know how to remain safe while skiing.  

Research things to do when not skiing

It is a skiing holiday, but you may want to have a rest day, especially if you take a tumble or two. There are usually other things to do within the ski resort, and these can create some memorable family experiences. For example, the Les Gets ski resort (made available by family ski holiday provider Ski Famille) offers lots of fun activities away from skiing.

There’s hot air ballooning, dog sledding and even paragliding to name a few. And, if you go around the Christmas season, the Christmas Village will open its doors, which is a wonderful experience for the youngsters as well as the parents.

Final step; have fun!

Once you’ve finished all this planning, all you have to do is get excited! Skiing can be an exhilarating experience and it’s something you won’t ever forget!

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