Why You Should Choose A Villa For Your Next Family Holiday

When choosing a family-friendly holiday, all-inclusive packages are tempting. The day-to-day juggling of work, parenting and home life can leave us mentally and physically frazzled, craving the kind of holiday where we can stop being facilitators and have everything done for us.

A holiday with no meals to prepare and entertainment on tap seems like the magical antidote to the crazy pace of modern family life, doesn’t it? What most families don’t realise, however, is that a villa holiday can actually provide them with so much more than this.

When I was a child, i went on a family holiday to Florida and stayed at an all-inclusive hotel…when I returned again with them as a teenager we stayed at a villa in Orlando instead and the overall experience was so much more enjoyable and memorable.

There are many benefits to choosing a holiday villa over a hotel:Clickstay Villa

Lots of space

Choosing a villa means more space and this is a must especially if you are travelling with kids. You can have as many rooms as you like, whether it’s a cosy studio or a 4-bedroom facility you need – ideal if you are holidaying in a group, as it’s particularly cost effective. One of the main benefits of renting a villa, especially when visiting somewhere hot, is your very own outdoor space. It’s lovely to have space where you can have BBQs in the evening and watch the sun go down with a glass of wine on your very own private patio.


Villa holidays provide a level of freedom and flexibility that no hotel complex can match. Staying in a private villa while on holiday means saying goodbye to scheduled dining times, tantrum throwing at the breakfast buffet and noise complaints from neighbouring guests. You can come and go as you please, share the accommodation with friends and extended family, swim in your private pool at midnight, sunbathe topless, have BBQ’s.

Wonderful facilities

One of the benefits of villa holidays is that the property usually comes with a wonderful range of facilities, from everyday comforts like satellite TV, Wifi, fully-fitted kitchens and laundry facilities to luxuries such as private swimming pools, air conditioning, games rooms and gyms. Additionally, most of them have access to a garage and come with beautiful gardens and multiple bathrooms. 

Additional privacy

The best thing about renting your own home away from home is that you get more privacy than you would enjoy in a hotel or apartment complex. Family time is precious and villas often come equipped with everything you need, meaning you can spend a week or two enjoying quality time with the family. Many companies such as Clickstay offer properties with their very own private pool.

Embrace local life

The best family holidays are the ones where you can fully immerse yourself into local life and a villa enables you to do just that. Properties are usually tastefully designed and filled with individual touches to not only make you feel right at home, but encourage you to embrace the local lifestyle and culture. Befriend the locals, try new foods, peruse the markets for fresh ingredients and handcrafted goods, discover hidden delights in the local towns, take in the breathtaking views or learn local customs and act accordingly.


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