Creating A Summer Wardrobe On A Budget

When you live on a tight budget looking good is not always easy, but it is still possible. Below are a few tips to help you to create the summer wardrobe you really want, even if you are living on a budget.

Sign up to be notified of sales in your area

Knowing when the sales are coming up can really help you to get your hands on the best deals. Stores like JD Williams regularly hold them. If you get online, or to the store, early you stand a far better chance of finding the clothes you want in your size.

Do not worry about blocking your email inbox up with messages from stores. Just create a new one and use that to sign up to be notified of discounts. That way when you need a new summer dress all you need to do is to sign in and see who has special offers.

Do a quick audit of what you already own

Before you go shopping for more summer clothes take the time to try on what you already own. Often, you will rediscover clothes that you will actually enjoy wearing again. Doing this will also remind you of what you already own and help you to make better decisions when you do actually go shopping.

Rework what you already own

If there are a few items you are not sure about, consider whether you can rework them before giving them away. Often, you can create a whole new outfit. For example, taking a formal skirt and shortening it can easily turn it into one that you can wear for an evening out.

Get clever with accessories

Investing in a few accessories is a super fast, easy and affordable way to update your summer wardrobe. Items like shawls are super versatile. They can be worn on the beach or in the evening to turn a simple summer dress into a stylish outfit for a meal out.

Swap with your friends

If you have items that you really do not want anymore consider swapping them rather than simply throwing, or giving, them away. For those of you that have a big circle of friends, hosting clothes swapping parties can be fun as well as being a good way to update your wardrobe. If your friends are not keen you can always go online and find a swishing party near you. Websites like this one are a good place to find local events.

Make sure you coordinate your wardrobe

When you go shopping, take the time to make sure that everything you buy coordinates. Stop and think about how you are going to wear an item before you actually buy it. If it will only work with one other item in your wardrobe, it is probably best to look for something else.

Learning how to put together a minimalist wardrobe for each season is well worth doing. It is a skill that you will use for the rest of your life, and one which will help you to always look good regardless of how much money you have to spend.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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