How To Design A Small Bathroom

Small bathroom design has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and thankfully there are some fabulous space-savvy solutions for you to choose from. You may not have the biggest bathroom in the world, but with a touch of ingenuity and the right design layout, you can still have all the style and luxury you deserve. It is important to assess which plumbing and heating products are right for you, and to incorporate all necessary child-friendly safety features for your little ones.

By following these simple tips and tricks, you can maximise that space and create a relaxing environment that is perfect for all the family.

Maximise that space

Family bathrooms revolve around the bathtub, yet it can be tricky to try and squeeze one into a small space. Depending on the age of your children and your own preferences, it may even be worth considering if a bath is necessary. For those who can’t resist a long soak or plan to re-sell the home in the future, then shower-baths are compact solutions that offer the best of both worlds. They can be lined up against a wall and allow you to shower and bathe without the need to install two separate enclosures.

 To create the illusion of greater bathroom space, you can also play with perception by tiling the side of your bath with the same tile as the wall. Textured porcelain or light tiles can be bought in large sizes and make it difficult to distinguish where the bath or wall begins. For bathrooms that have an awkwardly shaped ceiling, a free standing bathtub would work even better under the eaves. Although they use as much space as a regular tub, these stunning showpieces allow space to flow around them for a visually lighter feel.

Basin size matters!

When it comes to choosing a bathroom sink, size really does matter. The golden rule is to ensure that it is large enough for the largest member of the household to use; i.e. largest member equals largest splooshes and splashes! Choose one too small and those splashes end up on the bathroom floor. With this in mind, avoid small corner basins. These offer little washing space and aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Instead, opt for simple rectangular wall-mounted basins. These draw the eye along the wall and offer cleaner and neater design. Alternatively, an elegant countertop basin can be plumbed into any existing vanity unit or workspace you have.

Opt for Scandinavian Chic

For a more extensive bathroom renovation, a Scandinavian inspired wet room will offer greater showering space and add value to your property. This set up is ideal for cloakrooms and one of the biggest advantages of installation is the ease at which it can be cleaned. To install a wet room, simply contact a professional to waterproof the shower area, make a gradient and install a recessed shower tray. You can fix a glass shower screen or curtain to shield your linen from water spray, and remember to add non- slip flooring for grip underfoot! Perfect for children and adults alike, a wet room shower is a great choice for small and larger sized bathrooms.

Safety First!

If you are a family of shower-heads, then a thermostatic shower is the safest shower choice for your children. Unlike regular showers, they provide temperature stability to prevent the risk of scalding despite changes in cold water supply.  For ultimate luxury and safety, digital showers are the best choice for family environments and provide precise temperature control to within a degree. A sleek LCD screen replaces the traditional shower mixer bar and you can use it to set the ideal temperature, programme the water flow and fill up a bath on command. Perfect for maximising parental control, digital showers also come complete with shut-off self-timers and warm up functions. This means your children can shower economically and in comfort every day.

Use those corners

When it comes to the bijou bathroom, corner shower enclosures are your new best friend. These fit perfectly into the nooks and crannies of any bathroom and provide ample enough space for you to stretch and relax in. Top tip? Avoid a full pivot or swinging door as they require extra clearance space outside the shower area. Bi-fold, centre pivots and sliding door shower doors are sensible choices that offer ease of use for all family members. For those who are big on curves, Quadrant or D-shaped enclosures are easy to install and provide ample enough space for you to enjoy a morning wash in ultimate comfort.

If you prefer to go big on style, then pentangle shower enclosures offer stunning neo-angled design and are a luxury space saving option for the modern bathroom. But shhh….! Despite their grand looks, they are a relatively rare find in the interior design industry.

Opt for long lasting design

With all this comfort and style you’re not going to be in a hurry to get out of your beautiful new bath or shower. It’s only sensible to fit a new extractor fan to remove all that steam and keep your bathroom nice and dry.

There you have it… the perfect small bathroom in 6 easy steps!


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