Summer Body Gym-Juries

Winter doesn’t get its due. We moan about the freezing temperatures, but that cold weather hides our muffin tops and wobbly bits under baggy sweaters and oversized jackets, concealing the fact that we could stand to lose ten pounds. And when our bodies are so well camouflaged, who could resist eating whatever they wanted?

It’s all chocolate cakes and Mc Donald’s until Spring rolls around and then suddenly it’s panic stations – Summer is just around the corner and we’re nowhere near being bikini ready.

NEWSFLASH! That spare tyre isn’t going to get rid of itself!

So we hit the gym…and we fool ourselves into thinking we have the muscles of a bodybuilder and can take on a treadmill like Usain Bolt in a 100m sprint. The reality, however, is quite different as almost half of us Brits will suffer a “gym-jury” in our desperate bid to shed the pounds for summer.

One in 20 now visits a physio or chiropractor post injury found a new report by personal injury solicitors Hayward Baker.

gym-jury infographic

Worryingly, 38% claim they never bother to warm up before exercising, going against expert advice from their gym or personal trainer and 9% have carried on working out despite being in excruciating pain.

The survey of 1500 adults found working out in the gym was the most popular way to exercise, followed by power walking and swimming. It also revealed that the most common type of “gym-juries” Brits inflict on themselves are sprained ankles (21%), back problems (18%), broken bones (16%), chest pain (10%) and slipped discs (5%).

What most of us don’t realise is that if a “gym-jury” occured in a leisure facility, then the management could be liable to prosecution as it’s their responsibility to reduce the risks.

If you’ve been injured or had an accident while using the gym in a leisure facility, then find out how much compensation you could be entitled to using the personal injury solicitor’s free interactive injury compensation calculator.


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