Summer Holiday Fun With “Room To Grow”

The summer holidays are in full swing and the boys are done with school until September, but finding ways to keep them busy during the six-week break can be stressful (and expensive) at times, especially when they start to misbehave because of boredom.

Last week I had one of the worst errand day debacles in history. After a 5am wake up I took them out on a 3-hour errand run that including returning items to various stores, posting parcels at the post office, a visit to my nan in hospital and grocery shopping. They went insane.

The last stop was Tesco, where the first words to leave the lips of the cashier were simply: “Are you sick of having them home for the summer already?”

Now, in my head, the frazzled mama was screaming “YES” but I opened my mouth and “No” was all that came out. Quickly followed by “I’m sick of having them at Tesco though”.

So for the remainder of the holidays, my goal is to plan better. I would really like to avoid a similar situation where things get so bad that the 18-year-old cashier at Tesco is sympathising with me because I’m obviously completely incapable of caring for my kids in a loving way. It’s possible that she just thought they were brats, which at the time they were, but still.

Thankfully, Room To Grow have come to my rescue and sent a hamper full of goodies to help me keep the boys occupied for the next couple of weeks.


They’ve also created a supporting blog post: 10 Fun Things To Do With The Kids Over The Summer Holidays, which includes a handy checklist and fun colouring-in sheets for other parents to download as well.

We’ve already been putting some of the items to good use and crossing off activities from the checklist:

You can download your own version of the checklist here.

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with "Room To Grow"

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