How To Survive (And Enjoy) A Family Skiing Holiday

If you loved Skiing before you had kids then you’ll want to show them the joys of the slopes as they get older. With a little bit of preparation and careful planning, your family skiing holiday can be as perfect as stock photos would have you believe. If you want to make it work then you need to think about what you want to get out of your break and plan your time in advance.

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You can have that perfect Family Ski holiday (or as close as you can get) and here are a few things to consider helping you achieve just that.

Realise you are going to have to pay your way

Knowing the costs before you travel and planning for unexpected extras will stand you in good stead when travelling with kids. Ski breaks can be expensive, even if you get a great deal once you get to the resort nothing is ever really cheap. Things can get lost or misplaced and if it is an essential item, it will need to be replaced.

You can save money by stocking up at the local supermarket for essentials and avoiding the most expensive restaurants. Where let us face it, the kids won’t really enjoy it in a stuffy upmarket restaurant anyway. When worrying about the cost just remember the experience you are giving your kids and time as a family is priceless.

Get the whole family fit before you go

Skiing is a tiring sport. So, if you book a week’s ski trip and find everyone is too tired to continue after day three, then you are not getting the most out of your time. Getting the family fit before your break will ensure you can enjoy skiing and other activities for the whole duration of your holiday.

It’s easy to start on the right track. Going on long bike rides at home or on a big family hike at the weekend will help to get all of your bodies used to doing more exercise is preparation for your holiday.

Pack the right clothing and equipment

Bringing the right kit for everyone is really important. Kids can get cold quickly so having good warm clothing suitable for the snow is a must. Of, course you don’t have to shell out and purchase all of the gear as you can rent kit in your destination but make sure you plan this in advance too. Avoid packing disasters by making a list of what you need before you start to pack.

You’ll also want to bring along some home comforts. A blanket and snacks from home will help young children settle in a new place. This is a very good idea if you are booking in chalet childcare as it can be difficult to leave children with someone new.

Book rental kit, passes and lessons in advance

Knowing what you need and booking in advance will make life so much easier when you get to resort. You can often get good deals or inclusive packages when booking in advance too so be on the lookout for a bargain.

Ski passes are often included in a tour operators package; however, lessons are not. As a family, you will want your lessons at the same time so you can enjoy the rest of the day together.

Go skiing at home before your break

What better way to prepare for a ski break than to go skiing? If your kids have never been skiing before then this is a great opportunity to show them what it’s all about.  Make it fun and light-hearted whilst you introduce them to the sport. You’ll be able to gauge how able and confident they are and how quickly they tire too.

You’ll have a much better understanding of how the children will cope with your break and they will know what to look forward to as well. Both dry and ski slopes will work just as well so book in a while before your holiday so you’ll all know what to expect.

Book transport in Advance

If your tour operator doesn’t include transfers from the airport, or if you have booking flights and accommodation separately, make sure you can get from the airport to your hotel or chalet.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck at an airport trying to navigate your way to resort with a load of luggage and kids in tow. Booking ahead means you’ll have transport waiting for you that is fit for purpose and won’t leave you hanging around or paying an extortionate price to get to your destination. For very young children you might want to book car seats ahead too.

Keep to a routine even in resort

We all know that kids respond well to a routine, but often that goes out the window when you’re on holiday. Of course, there can be some leeway, but sticking to a routine even if it is a little loose will make your lives easier on your break.

Things like eating breakfast at the same time and ski lessons or childcare at the same time each day will help with the day’s structure. Also sticking to a bedtime is a good idea, making the next day fresher and happier too. Grumpy tired children are not much fun.

Prepare entertainment

A ski holiday is a very different experience for children used to living a certain way at home. Sometimes you have to do what is necessary to keep them entertained and avoid tantrums. However much children are enjoying their holiday, they need some quiet time too. Reading, drawing and colouring and watching a film are all ways to help them chill out and keep them quiet.

Bringing along their favourite toys, books and a child-friendly tablet computer with movies and games will give you a go-to solution if boredom starts to set in.

Make sure you take lessons

You might think you are an excellent skier and don’t need any extra tuition. But we can all use some instruction and can always improve. Taking lessons as a family makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Or if you are at different levels, children knowing their parents are learning at the same time will try a lot harder and be more receptive to learn.

It also makes the kids less likely to feel they are missing out on the adults’ fun if you are all having lessons at the same time.

Lastly, Have fun!

The whole reason you are taking a holiday in the first place is to enjoy yourselves as a family. Remember this when things aren’t going to plan, or when you don’t feel like it’s the perfect situation. You have kids, you know how dynamic life can be with them so just have fun together whatever happens.

Planning your Ski break in advance will ease the stress once you get to your resort. Leaving you and your family the time to appreciate the break.

If you have any tips for those planning to survive a ski break with the family, leave a comment below. Fellow travellers and parents would love to hear from you, about your experience or tips on how to avoid disasters.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post

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