Tips To Help You Prepare For A Facelift

Having smooth and youthful skin is something that most people today desire. Perhaps you’re worried about the physical signs of aging on your face or maybe you’re just hoping for a confidence boost. Either way, a facelift could be the perfect solution for your skin. Some of the main benefits that come with having this procedure done include a fresher looking face, wrinkle-free skin, and a healthy glow, so it’s no surprise that facelifts are becoming more and more popular. However, as with any cosmetic surgical procedure, it’s important to make sure that you are fully prepared beforehand to get the best results and minimise any potential health risks.

Here’s what you should do to properly prepare for a facelift.

Tip #1. Plan for Comfort

Bear in mind that although having a facelift procedure done will mean that you experience little to no pain so long as it is done by the right trained professional, you may experience some discomfort during the recovery period. Along with this, it’s important to ensure that you heal as quickly as possible, so being comfortable and relaxed is hugely important. Take some time to ensure that you have a comfortable recovery area, for example, your bedroom or living room. Make sure that you have plenty of pillows and blankets and keep loose-fitting clothes to hand that you won’t need to pull clothing tightly over your head.

Tip #2. Choose the Right Surgeon

Last, but not least, it’s vital to choose the right surgeon to carry out your facelift procedure. Although you may find surgeons offering discounts that seem too good to be true, it’s always better to pay for high quality. After all, the appearance of your face is in the hands of this one person. If you’re in London (or the surrounding area) and are after a surgeon, check out The Face Surgeons in London for high-quality, reputable procedures with experienced cosmetic surgeons.

Tip #3. Quit Smoking and Drinking

Before going in for any type of cosmetic surgery, smoking and drinking are two very important things to quit since the chemicals found in cigarettes and alcohol can restrict your blood flow and hinder both the procedure and your recovery period. Smoking should be stopped a lot earlier, whilst you should avoid all alcohol for at least twenty-four hours before the procedure. If you are worried about giving up smoking before having a facelift, then speak to your surgeon or doctor a least a month or few weeks before the procedure and ask for support.

Tip #4. Plan Your Post-Surgery Look

Before your procedure takes place, it’s a good idea to get everything else ready for your new, rejuvenated look afterwards. Remember that you probably won’t be able to shower for a couple of days after the procedure, since this can hinder your recovery, so take a hot shower or bath the morning of your appointment. You may also want to pay a visit to your salon to have your hair washed and cut or even get a new hairstyle; this will not be possible for a few weeks after your procedure and you’ll want to look your best as quickly as possible.

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