5 Tips For Shampooing Your Hair

Maintaining a smooth, strong, and healthy hair is just as important as keeping your body in top shape. The effects of stress, poor diet, improper hygiene, and exposure to damaging elements such as pollution and harmful UV rays can easily make your hair dry, unhealthy, and dull-looking. While our hair can be very sensitive to the type of lifestyle that we practice, it is not that difficult to bring back its healthy look.

Shampooing is one of the simplest ways that we can do to restore the natural beauty of our hair, making it look shinier and stronger than ever. Everything starts with using a quality shampoo. But did you know that sticking to a proper everyday hair care routine can also work wonders?

Read more about these five easy-to-follow tips and make your hair elegant and healthy-looking all throughout the day.

1 // Use warm and cold water.

Before you lather the shampoo, it is important to warm your hair and scalp to open up the pores and make it more effective for the shampoo to remove the dirt and buildup. On the other hand, cold water is recommended for the final rinse. It helps tighten the pores, and it allows your hair to retain the oils and nutrients that it needs for a silky smooth feel and thicker volume.

It is also important to check the quality of water coming out of the shower. Hard water contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium carbonates, making it more difficult for your shampoo to lather and causing your hair to look dry. One way to solve this is to use a water softener system inside your home.

2 // Pay attention to your shampoo.

Not all shampoos are created equal. Even those which are claimed to have been formulated from natural extracts may contain chemicals that can damage your hair too. Silicones are known to produce buildups that can make your hair dry, limp, and prone to breakage. Other harmful ingredients include sulfates, parabens, isopropyl alcohol, chlorine, polysorbates, and more. Ideally, you should use plant-based products with little to no additives but are effective in moisturizing your hair.

3 // One shampoo is enough.

Whether or not the label says you cannot use the shampoo more than once, avoid doing it as it can make your hair less moisturized by stripping the oils from the scalp. You may still repeat the shampoo if your hair is really dirty or it didn’t lather enough on the first wash.

4 // Massage and don’t scrub.

Regardless of whether you are shampooing or rinsing your hair, massaging the strands from root to tip is the gentle way to remove the dirt and avoid doing damage to your hair. While rinsing, just let the water flow down while combing your hair using your fingertips. And finally, when drying your hair, avoid rubbing the towel harshly. Instead, blot and press it lightly onto the hair to remove excess water.

5 // Use conditioners properly.

Conditioners can make your hair appear moisturized and voluminous throughout the day if used properly. After shampooing, squeeze the excess water out of your hair and apply the right amount of conditioner as instructed on the label. You can also use a comb your hair to distribute the conditioner. Rinse your hair thoroughly to avoid excess oil from building up.


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