Add some style to your family bathroom by making it kid-friendly!

Everyone wants a beautiful bathroom, but when you have children, it’s an idea that can be pushed onto the back burner. You may find yourself constantly cleaning the one you already have or perhaps you don’t want to invest in a stunning bathroom suite for it only to be covered in toothpaste and toilet roll…

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are many different ways to create a stunning bathroom that’s easily accessible and beautiful for everyone, big and small!

Get the right temperature

First things first, safety. No one wants to think about their little one getting scalded. So why not invest in a thermostatic tap or shower? You can control the temperature of the water with just a touch of a button, and there’s a wide range of products available at

Invest in some slip-resistant flooring

We all know how much of a mess kids can make when playing around in the bath or sink. Don’t forget to protect your bathroom floors from water spills and splashes! Choose a type of bathroom flooring that won’t absorb water or allow water to leak below it, as this can cause mould, mildew, or other unhealthy bacteria to grow in your bathroom.

This doesn’t have to be a bright and wacky colour – after all, the bathroom is there for everyone to enjoy. So even if your bathroom floor is substance over style – don’t despair, you’ll be amazed how happy and content peace of mind can make you!

Create some storage space!

It’s not uncommon for your kids to have more possessions than you. And nowhere is more evident of that than the bathroom…toys, toothbrushes, towels, games, clothes – the list goes on! So stop the headache in its tracks and invest in some storage.

For a kid’s friendly bathroom, only keep on display your kid’s stuff in an easily accessible way, like low weighted hooks, etc. so that they do not fall and get hurt. Lower shelves and drawers are great for items like bath toys and towels: things your child can safely access on their own. Medicine, thermometers, and similar bathroom objects should be placed on higher shelves since they can be dangerous if a child gets hold of them.

Invest in some stools/steps

Making things more convenient for kids makes life easier! Get steps that are of low height so that they do not get hurt even if they fall accidentally. This allows them to reach out to things and wash basins easily!


Make your bathroom your own! Another aspect of making the bathroom kid-friendly is decorating it with stickers, family photos and other such stuff your kids love.

A kid’s friendly bathroom must be designed in a way that may lure them to it. Choose the colours they love, the designs of the curtains that attract them and also the bath toys they adore. Try to keep the bathroom bright and lively – it’s a lot easier than you may think!


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