Different Hobbies Your Teen Can Be A Pro At

For the teen of today, it often appears as if the “normal” sports like hockey, football, or rugby just won’t cut it anymore. Kids are looking for something a little bit more exciting, something with a little bit more of an edge to it to sink their teeth into. Even activities that might once have been seen as unconventional and exciting, like martial arts, now seem to hold little sway with the teen looking for the next big thing. It’s increasingly difficult, then, for parents to find something that their kids will find genuinely interesting, but also something that they will remain genuinely interested in and stick with past the initial intrigue they might feel. That’s where this list comes in; here, we have compiled a short list of some outside-the-box activities that might just catch your teen’s eye, as well as serving to impress their friends once they start to become really good.


Archery has seen a surge of popularity among young people in recent years thanks to movies like the Hunger Games in which the central hero is a bow-toting badass. However, although this may act as the initial point of intrigue for your teen, there’s a lot more to be gained from this sport than just looking cool. It’s a practice thousands of years old but still packed with just as much exhilaration as those first days. It’s relatively simple to learn the basics of shooting but the challenge comes in the form of hitting the mark on your target consistently, which will provide an achievable yet rewarding experience for your teen. Furthermore, most archery ranges will have their own equipment that you can borrow and use, so there’s no need to shell out for expensive bows, quivers and other items until your child is sure it’s for them.

Stunt Scootering

Scooters have long been popular with kids and teens, however, scooters offer much more than travelling from A to B. Your teenager can, for example, learn a variety of awesome stunts which can impress you and their friends, and potentially turn them into a scootering pro. On the pro scene since 2008, Lucky Scooters have been represented by some of the world’s top riders. They have become known for making high-quality custom scooter parts and were the first company to release CNC machined decks. For your teen to develop their scootering technique, you will need to treat them to a high-quality stunt scooter that is technically reliable, like those offered by Lucky Scooters which can be found at Skates.

Circus Arts

Circus Arts are rapidly growing in popularity in recent times, with enthusiastic kids flocking from miles around to try out their skills and learn a little something new. There’s a huge range of activities included under the Circus Arts umbrella, ranging from but not limited to: juggling, unicycling, tightrope-walking, acrobatics and trampoline tricks. The sheer variety of acts on offer mean that no matter what your teen is interested in, there’s bound to be something that will take their fancy. Again, though, the majority of Circus Arts will be very active, so it’s a fantastic method of introducing a little physical activity into your child’s life while still making it a fun and enjoyable activity for them. Circus acts can be difficult and dangerous at times; therefore, ensure your teenager is properly supervised.

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