Familytime Review – The Best Parental Control App For Digital Monitoring

When we talk about parenting challenges, digital exposure is definitely the most pressing problem parents face nowadays. When your teenager starts using a smartphone, you constantly feel anxious. Are they getting addicted to their mobile device? What is the type of content they are exploring on the web? Are they interacting with strangers online? These are the type of concerns that keep disturbing a parent’s peace as long as they do not switch to digital monitoring.

Digital Monitoring and FamilyTime Parental Control App

Whether you have young children or have a teenager in the house, smart devices and the Internet have become a common part of their lives and parents just cannot expect their children to stay away from technology. However, parents can use digital tools to ensure their kid’s safe and responsible behaviour while using smart devices. Digital monitoring becomes quite easy when you use the FamilyTime app. This parental control app works with the consent of children and this was the most attractive point for me.

Once I downloaded this app, my parental concerns reduced a great deal. I, therefore decide to write a review of the app to help other anxious parents find a remarkable solution for their parental challenges. Here is my FamilyTime review to introduce you to the admirable features this app offers!

The Features that Helped Me the Most

FamilyTime app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It enables parents to manage multiple devices while using the same parental dashboard. You can use your FamilyTime account to manage the devices of all your children. It allows you to customize the settings according to the age and maturity level of every child.

It is a comprehensive app and provides a wide range of features. Some of my favourite features are mentioned here:

1.    Web Monitoring

The content that my child explores online was one of my biggest concerns before I downloaded this parental control app. With the help of the FamilyTime app, parents can:

  • Monitor their children’s web history
  • Check the frequently visited URLs on their device along with the date and time stamps
  • See the bookmarks on their phone

2.    Screen Locking

FamilyTime lets parents:

  • Lock their child’s gadgets remotely anytime they want
  • Schedule auto screen locks on their teen’s device to ensure they do not use their mobile phones 24/7

3.    App Blocking

Using the FamilyTime app, parents are allowed to:

  • View the list of the apps installed on their teen’s mobile device
  • Check the usage frequency of each and every app
  • Block the questionable or addictive apps to protect their child from digital addiction

And the list of FamilyTime features goes on. To try these features and a number of others, give this app a try for free. Download the app from the app store on your phone or simply click the buttons below and enjoy the premium version of the app for complete three days.

Switch to smart parenting and stay stress-free!


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