Fussy Eating & Haliborange Vitamins For Children

Like most parents, I worry about whether Riley and Harry are getting all the nutrition they need in their meals. They are both in school now and at a stage where they’re very active so I know they need lots of energy and nutrients as part of a healthy balanced diet but I’m pretty clueless as to how much or little they should be eating of everything.

Riley will eat anything you put in front of him, is happy to try new foods and consumes fruit and vegetables just as enthusiastically as he would sweets. Harry on the other hand fully embodies the term fussy eating. He is a notoriously picky eater with a limited diet and refuses to try new foods.

Now, I used to really stress about this and feel like a complete failure as a mother for the lack of variety in his diet. I used to worry that he wasn’t getting enough nutrients, wouldn’t grow and wouldn’t gain weight. I used to battle with him at mealtimes and push him to try new foods. That’s all stopped.

You only need to take one look at Harry to see there’s nothing wrong with him. He’s happy, he’s healthy, he’s growing like a weed and he’s at a perfect weight and height for his age.

The secret, I’ve discovered, is to take the focus away from what he is and isn’t eating. I’ve accepted that I can’t make him unfussy. No amount of commands, nagging, cajoling, tellings-off or bribes are going to work. In fact, it has the opposite effect. The more I say and the more I show I care, the more I give him something to react against. It’s an open invitation to battle.

Haliborange Vitamins For Kids

Instead, I now focus on making food and mealtimes fun for him and I supplement his diet with multivitamins. This used to be an impossible task in itself but since discovering the Haliborange range of vitamins – which pretty much look and taste like real sweets – it’s been a breeze. They are SO yummy and fruity.

Haliborange is the UK’s number one children’s supplement brand and the range features a whole of host of different combinations of essential vitamins and minerals to help support children’s health and wellbeing at every stage – from age one month to their teenage years.

Haliborange Vitamins For Kids

This includes multivitamins, Omega 3, Vitamin C, Calcium & Vitamin D and more.

Vitamin A: helps support normal vision

Vitamin C: helps support the immune system

Vitamin D: essential for the normal growth and development of bones in children

Vitamin B12: contributes to normal energy release.

Trust me when I say that the boys and I have tested these vigorously and they are by far the nicest tasting children’s vitamins I have come across. In fact, Haliborange are so confident that children will love the taste of their Softies product, that they’ll give you your money back if they don’t!

Haliborange Vitamins For Kids

Haliborange really does give me peace of mind. It’s so easy to get the boys to take them and I can be confident that they are heading off to school every morning mentally and physically prepared for the day ahead. It also reassures me that they’re getting all of the essentials vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth and development.

Visit the Haliborange website to find out more.

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post in collaboration with Haliborange. Food supplements do not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


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  1. 24 January, 2018 / 4:40 am

    They look so cute! Every morning I feel like i’m in a war with my son in trying to make him take the vitamins. But with this Haliborange, I’m so sure my son would go crazy when he sees this. Must go purchase them soon! Thanks for sharing this.

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