Harry // First Month At School

I can’t quite believe that Harry has completed his first month at school already. It feels like only yesterday I was labelling the new uniform and packing his lunchbox for the first time and yet here we are a month later and in the final week of school before half term.

I wasn’t overly worried about him starting primary school to be honest. I knew he was going to be in a class with all of his friends from preschool and I knew that he had Riley’s teacher from last year so was already familiar with her and the classroom.

Unsurprisingly, he’s settled into school life really well and is thoroughly enjoying all that it has to offer. Every afternoon he comes running out of the classroom with a smile on his face and a spring in his step, eager to tell me about his day.

The school operates a free flow system in EYFS and typically the children have structured learning time in the morning and then move freely between the two reception classes and the outdoor play area for the rest of the day. I’m told Harry likes to spend as much time outside as possible and can usually be found playing in the sandpit, the mud kitchen or with the water wall.

Harry is really enjoying phonics, maths and P.E. lessons, and loves being able to bring a new book home for me to read to him every night. He’s always been a little bookworm, but now that he’s able to pick out letters and words that he’s been learning at school he enjoys them even more –  I don’t think it will be long until he’s reading the books to me to be honest.

I’ve really seen a difference in Harry over the last month. School has brought out the best in him and he comes across as so much more confident, mature and independent now. He may be the baby of the class but he can certainly carry his own.

Here’s a little overview of his first month at school:

  • He’s been talking to the class about his hobbies and things he likes to do.
  • He has been learning to recognise numbers 1-20.
  • He has been having music lessons.
  • He has started phonics using the Jolly Phonics systems.
  • He has been writing about his grandparents and why they are special to him.
  • He had a literacy workshop where Gerald the Giraffe read him two stories and taught him how to act.
  • He went down to the school vegetable patch to pick some runner beans and then opened them up to discover what was inside.
  • He celebrated grandparents day.
  • He has been talking with the class about harvest and autumn.
  • He has been learning one more and one less within 20.
  • He visited the school’s “secret garden” and looked at the signs of autumn.
  • He made an autumn picture of a tree using fallen leaves.
  • He went on a school trip to the Hop Farm (Mummy was a parent helper and went along on the trip too!).
  • He has been writing about his favourite farm animal.
  • His class read the story of the 3 little pigs.
  • He has been learning how to measure things and used string to find out how tall he was.

To reinforce his phonics learning at home, we have been using a range of Twinkl resources.

I have stuck a laminated version of their Phase 2 Sounds and Tricky Words Mat on the wall in the boys’ playroom and we go through them together every night before bed. It’s a great way to help Harry remember and practice what he’s already learnt at school.

Twinkl Phase 2 Sound Mat Twinkl Phase 2 Sound Mat

We’ve also been playing the Autumn Leaves And Trees Phase 2 Phonics Game which Harry absolutely loves. The idea of the game is to look at the pictures on the leaves and sort them onto the correct letter sound tree. It’s a really fun and easy way to practise phonics and ties in nicely with Autumn.

Lastly, we’ve been making phonics fun by playing Twinkl’s Phase 2 I Spy With My Little Eye game. It’s a great way to test how well Harry knows his letters and sounds, and if he can pick out words beginning with a certain letter. We have a coloured version on the wall in his bedroom and we also have a black and white version which I give to Harry once a week and ask him to find and colour in three things beginning with a certain letter.

Twinkl Phase 2 I Spy Game Twinkl Phase 2 I Spy Game Twinkl Phase 2 I Spy Game

We also did some Maths practice during the October half term using Twinkl’s Halloween Cut And Stick Number Ordering 1-10 activity and their Halloween Counting Worksheets , both of which Harry really enjoyed. Twinkl Halloween Cut And Stick Number Ordering Twinkl Halloween Cut And Stick Number Ordering Twinkl Halloween Cut And Stick Number Ordering

What have your little ones been up to in their first month at school?

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  1. 1 November, 2017 / 2:16 pm

    I didn’t know the boys were so close together in school years (though I probably could have guessed as they look similar aged). The first half-term is pretty full on for them I think, but Harry sounds like he’s doing well. It will be Chloe next year! ahhh!

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