How Old Should My Children Be Before They Start Skiing?

Actually, there is no age limit on skiing but you need to have the right kind of instructions and guidance depending on your level. You can teach this exciting winter sport to your kids while improving your own skills too. Ski lessons are essential for little ones to learn the ropes correctly and parents can enjoy skiing whilst the kids are learning too.

Child Skiing

When can kids learn to ski?

Most Ski resorts will say Ski lessons can start as soon as your child can walk, however, age limits can be from 3 or 4 years old. This is so the kids can understand and follow instructions and the teachers can understand them too.

There are a few things instructors to look for before teaching your children.

  • They need to be toilet trained and be able to tell their guides that they need to use the facilities.
  • They should be able to walk well, being confident and strong.
  • Be able to communicate and follow basic instructions.

This is not too much to ask for children at the age of four or sometimes even younger and instructors have special ways to teach children depending on their abilities. Parents should be confident of all of these things before booking very young children’s ski lessons to make sure they will enjoy and get the most out of them.

However, you can bring children of any age along on a skiing holiday. With childcare, kid’s clubs and lots of different activities to try as well as ski lessons too. Here are some tips to help you on your way when booking a family ski holiday.

Book a family-friendly resort

It is really important that you book and stay in a family-friendly resort when you are taking the family skiing, especially with young children. You need the ski school expertise, children’s facilities and plenty of things to do to keep them entertained. Family ski holidays can be booked as a package and have everything you need for your stay included. From in chalet childcare, playrooms and ski lessons there are lots of things that can be included in a family-friendly holiday.

Resorts such as Morzine, La Plagne and Tignes in the French Alps are all well equipped for family ski breaks. Fly direct to Geneva to reach these resorts and you will usually have transfers included too.

Prepare your kids for a skiing holiday

Before you go it’s a good idea to plan and prepare. Talk to your kids about what it’s like to go skiing. Sit down and show them photos or videos and explain how much fun you have on the slopes. Show them what ski resorts are like using the internet and explain all the other things you can do whilst you are there. The kids will be so excited about their upcoming trip.

See how they get on trying skiing by booking some lessons at your local indoor snow centre. The kids will know what to expect on your holiday and you will see how well they take to the sport.

Plan activities for kids to enjoy

There are plenty of activities you can enjoy as a family in resort. Some resorts have special snow play areas for families and kids to enjoy. Children can enjoy playing in the snow, throwing snowballs, riding on mini sledges and building snowmen. Kids who can’t ski might enjoy tubing which is a fun and easy thing to do. There are also more relaxed things to do such as going to the cinema. A lot of resorts will have an indoor complex that shows films in both English and French including family and kids films to keep them quiet for a while.

Some resorts also offer organised activities for children to enjoy with qualified instructors. This may be part of a kid’s club or organised by your tour operator or chalet.

Get the whole family fit before you go

Skiing is a tiring sport and if you are going on a week’s ski trip you need to be a fit family. You don’t want everyone to be too tired to carry on after day three, you really won’t be getting the most out of your time. Getting the family fit before your break will make sure the whole family can enjoy skiing and other activities for the whole duration of your holiday.

It’s easy to start getting fit at home before you go. Take bike rides or go on a big family hike at the weekend, or even try an active holiday at home. It will all help to get your bodies used to doing more exercise to ensure you are prepared for your holiday.

Choose the right accommodation

There are a few things to think about when choosing where to stay on your ski holiday. Think about how close you are to the slopes and resort centre, how much space you have, the facilities and if you need childcare. You don’t want to be walking too far with children and ski equipment to the pistes and you don’t want a dangerous icy walk to the resort either.

A chalet stay is the best idea as you will have the space you need as a family and a cosy place to relax after a day skiing. Some like the feel of a home from home environment. There are catering options so you don’t have to worry about meal times. Fully inclusive chalet stays will even cater for fussy little eaters too so even the kids will be satisfied.

Have the right equipment

Even if you think you’ll be skiing as a family quite often, it is never cost effective to buy children expensive ski gear. Even if they love skiing, chances are the next time you go they will have grown and be a completely different size in boots, coats and other expensive ski gear. Renting these things can be cheaper than buying and help you save money on the slopes. The gear is usually high end too so you get the best for your money. You can also try out different brands and find which are the best for them too.

Of course, you’ll need warm clothing and plenty of layers. Children get cold easily so making sure they have enough clothing and changes of clothes for when they get wet are really important.  Packing the correct things and knowing what to rent is something you should think about when planning your break.

What age will you be taking your children skiing for the first time?

Are you thinking about taking your little ones on a family ski holiday? Of course, there’s lots to think about when planning the perfect holiday ski break and when to bring the children along is one of them. When would you take your children on a ski holiday? As soon as they can walk, when they are school age or even later? As you can see whenever you decide to take the family skiing, they will be in safe hands during lessons and there will plenty of things to do as a family too.

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