Christmas Gift Guide 2017 // For Kids Aged 5+

Next up in my Gift Guide series is “Christmas Gift Guide For Kids”. These products are specifically aimed at kids aged 5 years+ and i’ve tried to include as much variety as possible.

Christmas Gift Guide For Kids Aged 5+

1 // CARS 3 PISTON CUP GAME £25.00 Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez and Danny Swerves go head-to-head in the Cars 3 Piston Cup Racing Game. During the race kids need to collect five pit-stop cards, because this enables them to complete a lap of the race, the first driver to complete five laps wins! With spinning track and sounds, kids can challenge friends and family to a racing duel and the first to reach the end of the track is named the winner and claims the Piston Cup trophy.

2 // ZOOMER SHOW PONY £64.98 The new Zoomer Show Pony is a fashionable, interactive pon kids can feed, groom and train to perform different tricks. She moves on her own and has expressive light-up eyes that let kids know how she is feeling. Zoomer Show Pony knows when kids are stroking her cheeks or nose and responds with loving pony sounds. She’ll nuzzle into their hands, shake and move her head and even neigh ‘I love you’.

3 // NERF NITRO LONGSHOT SMASH £19.99 Adrenalin-fuelled kids will love designing long-distance jumping stunts with the ramp and 4 obstacles in the Nerf Nitro LongShot Smash set from Hasbro. Kids can blast a car at the long-jump ramp and watch as it races up the ramp and sail through the air. They can even set up the obstacles then blast the car up the ramp to go airborne and leap.

4 // MAGIC TRACKS STARTER SET £19.99 If you’re looking for a track set with a difference, then Magic Tracks is for you! It is a brand new and exciting track set range designed to offer unlimited creativity and flexibility with an ultra easy-to-put-together format. Featuring 220 pieces of glow track and 11ft of speedway, Magic Tracks is the MUST HAVE track set for kids this Christmas. The serpentine design of the glow-in-the-dark track enables kids to create their track in all kinds of ways, bending over obstacles, curving and even making fun 3D features like hamster wheels for their cars.

5 // BUSH BABY WORLD SHIMMIES PRINCESS MELINA £15.99 Princess Melina is head of the Shimmie Bush Babies from Bush Baby World. Made from soft and cuddly fabrics, she has lots of sparkly detailing and a shimmering royal crown as well as lots of fun accessories; a comb for her beautiful long ears and tail, a Royal Sceptre that’s fit for a princess and a magical Shimmer Star. Also includes a sparkly Royal Pod where she can snuggle up.

6 // XTREM BOTS SMARTBOT £29.99 The XTREM BOTS Smart Bot is sure to be on Christmas wishlists this year! With 20 functions and 50 programmable actions and robotic sounds, Smart Bot can be controlled with the remote control and hand gestures. Smart Bot can walk or slide forwards, backwards, side to side, and even dances. Its in-built motion detectors recognise hand gestures for additional movement, while the LED eyes produce a variety of facial expressions. Kids can also use the remote control to program up to 50 consecutive actions for Smart Bot to follow.

7 // TOMY FIZZY DIZZY HIPPO £15.99 Get the whole family playing together this holiday season with the Fizzy Dizzy Hippo Game from Tomy. In this fun game players take turns to grow the Hippo’s belly with a press of the fizzy drink that Hippo is enjoying. The hippo burps and spins when he is full and the winner is the player who makes the Hippo’s belly pop. Other sounds include seagulls and the Hippo slurping his drink.

8 // NUM NOMS NAIL POLISH MAKER £39.99 Kids can give themselves a scent-sational makeover this Christmas with the Num Noms Nail Polish Maker. It contains everything they need for a custom scented manicure and enables them to mix their own scented nail polish with strawberry, blueberry or banana flavours and glitter. Also comes with press-on nails, nail stickers, 2 finger rests, nail polish containers and a special edition scented Num: Heavenly Froyo.

9 // TOUCH GUYS HAVE FEELINGS TOO BOOK £11.99 A boldly illustrated picture book about how everyone gets sad sometimes —ninjas, wrestlers, knights, superheroes, everyone . . . even daddies have emotions! It reinforces the idea that it’s ok for kids to have and express their feelings and that it’s not seen as a sign of weakness. Children will love recognizing their feelings in the book’s bold illustrations which accompany a fun-to-read-aloud narrative.

10 // PLAYMOBIL CITY ACTION POLICE HEADQUARTERS £59.99 Children who enjoy imaginative play will absolutely love the Playmobil City Action Police Headquarters which is fully equipped with lockable jail cells, control room and weapons store. The front gates slide open to allow squad cars and other police vehicles (sold separately) through into the inner courtyard and there is a helipad on the roof for the Police Helicopter (also sold separately). The set includes 2 Playmobil police officers, a Playmobil prisoner and over 50 accessories including a fingerprint scanner, weapons locker, furniture, prisoner clothes and more.

11 // FEISTY PETS GLENDA GLITTERPOOP UNICORN £16.99 Feisty Pets are new plush toys that have taken the internet by storm. They may look cute, but they’re stuffed with attitude! If you squeeze behind their ears, they instantly switch from cute to feisty. Perfect for cuddling or pulling hilarious pranks on friends and family, Feisty Pets will entertain both kids and adults this Christmas.

12 // LASER X 2 PLAYER GAME £43.99 Older kids can play inside or out, day or night with the Laser X 2 Player Pack. Complete with voice coach guidance, full-colour lighting effects, stereo sound and music Laser X really is the complete gaming experience. Blasts over 60 metres with pinpoint accuracy and gameplay allows for unlimited players. If kids get blasted, their vest gradually changes colour – hit 8 times and they’re out!


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