Making Learning Fun With Wedge Whiteboards

As a parent, I try to take an active role in the boys’ education and am always doing things with them at home to reinforce what they have been learning at school. I’m lucky in the sense that I seem to be raising two boys who have a thirst for knowledge and love to learn, so we happily practice phonics, reading, handwriting and numbers most nights.

For the last few weeks, we have been incorporating some products from Wedge Whiteboards into our home learning. They specialize in high quality portable dry-wipe whiteboards and accessories for schools, home and commercial use and very kindly sent us 2 x Wedge Jotters, 1 x Tub of Magnetic Letters (lowercase), 1 x Tub of Magnetic Numbers & Symbols and 1 x Tub of Magnetic Pattern Blocks.

The boys actually use A4 dry-wipe whiteboards at school for handwriting practice and number work, so I was interested to see how we would get on using them at home in conjunction with the other products as well.

On first impressions, it’s clear to see that the Wedge Jotter is of a much higher quality than your typical mini whiteboard and is packed full of handy features that make it stand out from the crowd. For a start, the writing surface of the jotter is 15% larger than an A4 sheet and is also magnetic, meaning you can use the magnetic letters, numbers and pattern blocks on the boards as well as the dry erase pens.

Secondly, the jotter is made of a tough plastic so it feels solid and durable, yet lightweight enough to be carried around by children with ease. It also features strong plastic edges and corners which is great because we all know how boisterous little ones can get at times and this adds an extra level of protection.

The Wedge Jotter has integrated flip-out legs and anti-slip rubber feet so the board can be angled on a desk in either portrait or landscape position and remains securely in place while in use. Once you’ve finished an activity, the legs can then be flipped back in again, enabling the jotter to fold flat for easy storage. Alternatively, you could use the hanging points on the rear of the jotter to mount it on a wall.

The best thing about the Wedge Jotter though, in my opinion, is that it is exceptionally versatile and can be used for individual, paired or small group activities, 1-2-1 tutorials, educational purposes, for creative play or as a display board for notes, reminders or kid’s artwork. The boards can be used as a tabletop tool or on the floor and are suitable for a range of subjects and activities from phonics, handwriting and numeracy to creative work, fun and games. The possibilities are endless.

So, how have we been using the Wedge Jotter and Magnets? 

We have been using the Magnetic Letters (tub of 144) alongside the Wedge Jotter for lots of fun literacy activities including phonics, letter formation, blending, writing CVC words, spellings and handwriting practice.

We have been using the Magnetic Numbers & Symbols (tub of 156) alongside the Wedge Jotter for lots of fun numeracy activities including counting from 1-20, calculating one more and one less, adding and subtracting.

We have been using the Magnetic Pattern Blocks (tub of 250) alongside the Wedge Jotter for lots of fun activities including shape recognition, repeating shape patterns, colour sequences and symmetry.

The boys really enjoy using the boards for doodling and drawing pictures as well and it’s great because they can wipe the boards clean and reuse them as much as they want. This has reduced our paper use at home by like 95% so you could say that the Wedge Jotters are environmentally-friendly and helping us to save the planet one tree at a time.


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