Our Christmas 2017

Happy 2018 everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year?

I was planning on having this post up weeks ago, but I took a much-needed break from blogging over the festive period so I’m sorry this is going up late.

The run up to Christmas was a bit of a blur to be honest and it seems like it was all such a long time ago now. Between the school parties, Christmas plays, carols at the church, Christmas decoration making and the boys having sickness bugs I lost my mind somewhere along the way.

I did manage to squeeze in some really fun things for them though.

Every year my Grandad, completely decorates the outside of his house with Christmas lights for all of the great grandchildren so on the first of the month we visited “Grandad’s Grotto” for the official switch on.

The 1st of the month also saw the arrival of our elves Jingles Twinkletoes and Star Snowflake. It was our first time doing Elf on the Shelf and the boys absolutely loved having them both around for the month. They were so excited to wake up every morning and hunt around the house for the elves to see what good deeds or mischief they’d gotten up to during the night.

On the 3rd the boys and their cousin Tia had a visit from a real elf who brought them all a small gift and letter from Father Christmas.

On the 20th Riley and Harry had Christmas Jumper Day at school and in the evening I took them to visit Father Christmas I his grotto at our local garden centre. They got to travel to the North Pole on a sleigh with elves, throw snowballs at snowmen, make some reindeer food and draw pictures, which was a lot of fun.

On the 24th the boys had their Christmas Eve Boxes which were a leaving present from their elves and full of Christmassy goodies such as pyjamas, books, dvd’s, chocolates and toys etc.

Before the boys went to bed, they hung up their stockings and got changed into their new Christmas pyjamas. They also put out a glass of Bailey’s (as requested by Father Christmas when we went to visit him at the grotto!) and mince pies, as well as a carrot for Rudolph.

I then took them up to bed, read them “The Night Before Christmas” like I do every year, tucked them in and once I was sure they were asleep, I brought all of their presents and sacks out from the garage to set up under the Christmas tree.

I was expecting Riley and Harry to wake up super early on Christmas morning, but to my surprise they didn’t so we all had a lovely lie-in. When they did eventually wake up though, they were literally bursting with excitement and wanting to rush downstairs to see if Father Christmas had been. The look on their faces when they realised that he had was absolutely priceless. They went into a present unwrapping frenzy and I couldn’t see through toys and mountains of wrapping paper.

The boys pretty much spent the rest of the morning playing with their new toys and then we went next door to my mum’s for Christmas dinner. My sister, her husband and niece also joined us so it was lovely to talk, laugh, swap presents, listen to festive tunes and all spend some time together.

We even managed to get my mum outside riding on Tia’s new electric scooter which was hilarious!

And that was our Christmas 2017…how did you spend yours?


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