The Siblings Project // February 2018

How are we in February already? Didn’t we literally just celebrate Christmas? I don’t know if this is true for anyone else, but I find life passes in the blink of an eye and juggling the boys, work, blogging, school, the house etc. leaves me with almost no concept of time – the minutes’ blend into hours, the hours into days and before I know it another week or month has passed. Crazy!

Riley and Harry are in a really good place at the moment. They’re genuinely the best of friends and play together so nicely, which is beautiful to see.

School has had such a positive impact on Harry and he’s matured more than I would have ever thought possible in the last few months. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still the same stubborn, feisty and hot-headed little human he’s always been but he seems better able to control his emotions and express his feelings these days, which means we are seeing fewer tantrums and episodes of silly behaviour. He’s a much happier boy now, one that exhibits more empathy and understanding towards others and has the social skills to have built wonderful relationships with his brother and friends.

Riley is the same sensitive soul he always has been and just has the kindest, caring and compassionate way about him. All he wants to do is please other people and none more so than his little brother. He includes Harry in everything he does and it’s so heart-warming to see. His first thought is always of Harry and he is naturally protective of him like you would expect from an older sibling, but in the most loving and endearing way.

The two of them just have a wonderful relationship and it’s incredible for me as their mama to see how much it’s blossomed and changed over the last few years. To me, siblings are meant to have a special and unbreakable bond and I see that within my Riley and Harry. I find comfort in knowing that no matter where they go in life, they’ll always have a friend in one another.


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