A Week Of Snow Fun

Earlier this month, a flurry of snow fell across Kent transforming the usual green ‘garden of England’ into a winter wonderland. Whilst some grumbled and hibernated at home until the cold weather passed, others (us!) dived straight into the white stuff for a week of snow fun.

The first flakes started to fall on Monday evening and the boys woke up the following morning to 8 inches of snow and an announcement that school was closed – hurrah for snow days! This was the first time Riley and Harry had seen snow like it and I can’t even begin to describe the look of sheer delight on their faces when they realised there was more than enough for them to build a snowman.

Their school actually remained closed for the rest of the week, so alarms were switched off, school uniforms were put away and we spent a lovely few days making some wonderful memories in the snow. My mum and I took the boys out on sledges around the lane, we built snowmen, made snow angels, had snowball fights with the neighbours, enjoyed hot chocolates in front of a roaring fire and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. Riley’s been desperate to build a snowman for as long as I can remember and he’s just made up beyond words that he’s now fulfilled that wish.

The snow is such a rare occurrence for us in the South East –  I think the last big freeze and decent dumping of snow we had was back in 2010 so it was just amazing to be able to get outdoors and experience all the fun the white stuff has to offer, and even better to be able to do it with the boys.

I know for sure that our week of snow fun will be something that Riley and Harry never forget. I’ll certainly treasure the smiles, memories and squeals of happiness the snow brought to my babies’ lives.


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