Easy Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Making ends meet is sometimes hard, especially when your power bills rise every quarter. Unfortunately, some homeowners feel they are fighting a losing battle, so gave up trying to save money on the fuel bills, long ago. This is a mistake because as you will see there are some easy tips and tricks that can actually end up saving you a huge amount of money.

Change the way you light your home

Around 14% or your power bill will be related to lighting your home. Therefore, it really is worth getting everyone to turn off the lights when they leave a room. You can also switch to LED bulbs and save a lot of money by doing so.

LED bulbs cost 90% less than they did in 2010. They are still more expensive than other types of bulbs to buy. But, the fact that they are up to 85% more efficient than other bulbs means that they soon pay for themselves. As a result, it makes sense to replace any bulbs that go pop with a LED one.

Sort out your draughts

Most people have taken the time to insulate their lofts properly, but have not sorted out the draughts. There is no point in turning the heating off in the rooms you do not use if heat from the rest of your house leaks into them through the gap around the door. It only takes 20 minutes per door to stop this issue. You just need a roll of good quality stick-on insulation tape. This type of tape can also be used to draughtproof your windows.

Tap into smart technology

If you do not already have a thermostat, install one. This will stop you from having your boiler running unnecessarily. A smart thermostat that is connected to your Wi-Fi will enable you to control things remotely. So, if you decide to take the kids to the park after school instead of going straight home you can turn the heating off using your phone.

You can also use a smart meter to keep track of how much power you are using. Most power companies sell them. They are a great way of working out which devices and appliances are consuming the most electricity. Once you know that you can minimize how often they are used. When they wear out, you can replace them with a version that consumes less power.

Learn to batch cook

If you already own and run a big freezer, batch cooking can save you a lot of money. Appliances like ovens consume a lot of electricity. So, it makes sense to cook several dishes at once and freeze some of them. This website tells you everything you need to know about switching to cooking in this way. It includes hundreds of recipes that have been adapted to be cooked in bulk and frozen. The great thing about cooking in this way is that you can also save money on your food bill. Usually, buying in bulk is cheaper than going shopping every few days.

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