Harry // Fifth Month At School

It seems crazy to me to think that Harry is almost halfway through his first year at primary school. It feels like only yesterday I was nervously waving him off for his first day in Reception and yet here we are five months down the line and it’s as if he’s always been there.

Much as his brother did before him, Harry continues to thrive in Elves Class and still loves every single aspect of school. The structure and learning environment clearly agrees with him because it’s had such a positive effect on his overall mood, behaviour and wellbeing.

There is such a huge difference between the boy that started school in September and the one that stands before me now. His confidence has grown enormously and he seems better able to express his feelings, wants and needs now. He is also far more independent, inquisitive and grown up these days and we are seeing fewer spells of the silly, immature behaviour he used to exhibit. He has a thirst for knowledge now as well and loves coming out of school and telling me about everything he’s learnt that day.

Harry is still top of the class for phonics and his reading is improving every day. He comes home with a new ‘Word Card’ every Friday which has a list of words for him to learn over the course of the week and he’s consistently able to reel them all straight off with ease. We’ve actually been asked by his teacher to get him to practice writing the words instead now because he’s finding the task too simple.

P.E. is still Harry’s most favourite thing to do at school, but they only get to do it once a week in Reception so he now goes to Jumping Beans after school on a Monday. They use a unique blend of exercise, stimulation, singing and imaginative play to create fun and physical classes for 3-5 year olds and Harry absolutely loves going. Some of his favourite activities are the obstacle courses, throwing & catching balls, rolling & spinning hoops, parachute games, colour sorting and the shape building games.

Elves Class started learning about Dinosaurs this month and I think this has been Harry’s favourite topic to date. During the first week of term, his class found a giant egg in their role play corner which hatched a Stegosaurus named Dorothy. Each child was given the opportunity to take Dorothy home with them after school one day for a sleepover and document what they got up too and this is honestly all I’ve heard about from Harry for the last few weeks – who’s got Dorothy and what they did with her!

Naturally, now that his class has finished their dinosaur topic and Dorothy’s returned home Harry is devastated! To celebrate the end of their Dinosaurs topic though, two ‘real’ dinosaurs came into school to visit Elves and Sprites class, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Here’s a little overview of his fifth month at school:

  • His class found a giant egg in their role play corner and wrote about what was inside.
  • He has been learning about different types of dinosaurs.
  • He has been learning how to use a bee bot and practising positional language.
  • He created a fossil out of salt dough.
  • He has been learning number bonds to 10.
  • He has been learning to recognise and organise numbers 0-20 and challenging himself to fid one less from a given number.
  • He created his own dinosaur and made a fact file about it.
  • He has been looking at repeating patterns.
  • He has been learning about Chinese New Year.
  • He has been looking at ordering objects by height and length.
  • His class went on to the field and explored the snow.
  • He has been completing fine motor skills challenges.
  • He has been learning to ‘find the total’ by rolling two dice and adding the numbers together.

To reinforce his learning at home, we have been using the Label The Dinosaur Activity Sheets from Twinkl which are a great resource for encouraging children to label the different parts of a dinosaur. We’ve also been using the labels as a way for Harry to practice his reading/phonics skills and build up his vocabulary.

Twinkl Label The Dinosaur Twinkl Label The Dinosaur Twinkl Label The Dinosaur Twinkl Label The Dinosaur Twinkl Label The Dinosaur

To tie in with his pattern and sequencing learning at school, we have been using the Dinosaur Complete The Pattern Activity Sheets from Twinkl, which Harry really enjoyed and as i let him help cut the images, it was a great opportunity for him to develop his scissor and fine motor skills as well.

Finally, we’ve been using the Dinosaurs Number Line 0-20 to challenge Harry to find one more and one less from a given number.

Twinkl Dinosaur 0-20 Number Line


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