Harry // Sixth And Seventh Month At School

I feel like a broken record for saying this but I genuinely have no idea where the last two months have gone. Now…Term 4 is just around the corner and we’re on the home stretch of Harry’s first year at primary school.

It’s been 7 months since I tentatively waved him off for his first day in Elves Class with a lump in my throat. The little boy who could barely write his own name is now a walking, talking encyclopaedia who writes me notes, can tell me how fossils are made and knows what an octahedron is. (I had to google it).

He has become an inquisitive explorer of his environment, soaking up knowledge like a sponge and desperately wanting to learn everything he can about the world around him.

The highlight of the last two months in particular, for me, has got to be Harry’s growing love for books and his ability to read. It’s an amazing thing, watching words reveal their secrets for what may be the first time in your child’s life. It’s something that seems to have come naturally to Harry and I feel blessed that we’ve had a pretty easy time of it.  He knows all of the letters and their sounds, recognises rhyming words and can read simple words and sentences.

Harry really enjoyed celebrating Book Week at school and dressing up as his favourite character for World Book Day.

This term Harry has been participating in the Balanceability programme once a week at school. It’s a ‘Learn to Cycle’ programme designed to help children gain the confidence and skills required to ride a pedal bike independently and getting them off to the best start in cycling. The lessons focus on movement patterns, gross motor skills and dynamic balance using a balance bike, mounting and dismounting, improving children’s gliding, stopping and braking skills and learning the skills to ride a balance bike safely.

A major change at school over the last month for Harry (and Riley) is that I’ve started an apprenticeship there as an Admin Assistant in the school office. It’s a full-time role (term-time only) and I’m studying towards an NVQ in Business Administration whilst working so it’s perfect for me as it fits in around the boys and also means I get to see them both throughout the day as well.

Here’s a little overview of his sixth and seventh month at school:

  • He started a new topic ‘vehicles’.
  • He wrote about all the exciting things he did over the February half term holiday.
  • His teacher parked her car on the playground and the children were allowed to go and have a look and learn about the different parts of a car.
  • He has been learning how to recognise coins and how much each coin is worth.
  • He attended a music assembly and learnt about different instruments.
  • His class have been making their own instruments.
  • He has been learning how to share a number into equal parts.
  • His class have been talking about odd and even numbers.
  • He celebrated book week and dressed up for World Book Day.
  • He wrote about his world book day character and created his own story about them.
  • He rehearsed and performed a story with the rest of his class.
  • He celebrated Mother’s Day and carried out some fun activities in his classroom with me. We made a tissue paper flower bouquet and Mother’s Day flag bunting.
  • He has been learning how to write a number sentence and how to find number patterns.
  • He has been learning how to sew together a hand puppet.
  • He has been designing an Easter egg with a repeating pattern.
  • His has been discussing 3D shape names and everyday object examples.
  • His class went on a 3D shape hunt around school.
  • He has been learning about time and made his own clock.

To support book week and reinforce his learning at home we have been using The Very Hungry Caterpillar Maths Booklet from Twinkl. It contains a lovely set of maths activities and is a great resource for us to integrate with the book itself.

We have also been using Twinkl’s Days Of The Week Matching Game to support teaching on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It’s a brilliant, but fun way for me to test Harry’s knowledge of the story, by getting him to correctly organise and order the events that occurred on each day.


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