Why Serving Premium Dog Food Is Important

The kind of food you feed your dog matters a lot in the sense that it determines the dog’s overall growth and health. It’s important that you foster a proper diet for your dog and that’s where premium dog food comes in.

Premium dog food is food comprised of high standard quality ingredients and nutrients that a dog needs. This food has different beneficial variables such as protein sources with higher quality, extra vitamins, antioxidants, and no artificial dyes.

It’s important to know how to analyse the nutrient content in premium dog food and you can do this by checking the information written on the package. Here you will find the protein, fat, and fibre levels in the food. The same information also contains the ingredient list.

The advantage of serving premium dog food over economical food is that most economical foods have protein content derived from wheat, soy, and gluten which in actual sense are low-grade protein sources for a dog. Premium foods are composed of high-quality protein sources such as chicken organ meats like kidney, liver, and heart, fresh whole eggs, fresh turkey, garbanzo beans, and so on.

Your dog has nutritional needs which are dictated by its physical makeup, age, environment, and how active it is. As such, you need to choose a diet that fits it perfectly and premium food is the best pick. Here are a few reasons why serving premium dog food is important;

  1.    Adequate Nutrition Per Feed

The nutrient concentration in the premium dog food that you serve your dog per feed is sufficient for it compared to non-premium food. The amount you serve it per feed doesn’t have to be a lot, meaning that the cost of food is reduced greatly since the content consumed is in small portions and lasts longer.

  1.    Better Digestion

Premium dog food contains ingredients that are highly digestible. This is beneficial when serving your dog with this food in that it will release less waste as opposed to when it consumes non-premium food. The poop it releases will be hard and less stinky so you won’t have a problem cleaning up.

  1.    Handling Health Issues

A dog may have some dietary needs resulting from health complications such as a sensitive stomach or weight problems. While some non-premium foods may not be fit for a dog with medical complications, premium foods are a perfect pick to serve since they have select ingredients that can cater to these health needs.

  1.    It Fits All Ages And Stages

The dietary needs of a puppy are completely different from those of a full grown adult dog. It’s essential, therefore, that you serve your dog with the right food that is fit for its age.

The importance of serving premium dog food to your pet more so puppies which require a lot of nutrients and energy is that the food facilitates a healthy growth pattern since it contains a high supply of vitamins, fats, and proteins which the growing puppy needs.

There are formulations of this food that also cater to the needs of adult dogs. These formulations help a great deal in ensuring the dog joints are healthy and their weight is properly controlled.


The one most important thing you can do for your dog is serving it with some good premium dog food. Wondering which one to get for it? Consider getting Acana dog food.


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